A mother who a result of autism test for her child (is a Child Autism)

A mother who a result of autism test for her child(is a Child Autism )

A mother who a result of autism test for her child (is a Child Autism)
A mother who a result of autism test for her child (is a Child Autism)

When you get your child diagnosed with autism for the first time, it can be very painful . Which can have a greater psychological impact if not expected! So it may be a shock to you, and suddenly you think that your child and your whole life have been different, imagining the treatment and insurance battles and brainstorming thoughts. I really understand you!

 You should recognize some things immediately, such as what kind of services your child is eligible for with the new diagnosis? Do you need to fill out forms and look at benefits for the disabled and people with special needs? This is the first practical step you should take. 
 As soon as you get out of the doctor's office and start the treatment path, there are some things that are unclear to me that I would have liked if I had learned them earlier.
 For you some of these things! 
 There is no sense of feeling these conflicting feelings 
 Dear mother, you do not have to worry about what your feelings are, It is good for these feelings to change day after day, but hour after hour. At one you can feel comfortable because after hours, days and even months lost in your fight for your child's special needs, he has finally started listening to you . In the next minute you can feel pressure again from the new responsibilities imposed on you because of autism. 
You can feel that you are able to face the whole world one day, and the next day you feel that you must give up and surrender and give up everything, well do not worry! Everything is fine, I promise you. We all have experienced such difficult times.The crazy differents of feelings that calm down a little and then come back again, but there will always be days when you feel pressure, and ready to give up your case. Fortunately, these times become more distant over time.I promise you this.
There are some advantages to Autism! 
I know it may seem difficult to believe at first, but there are positive aspects of autism, where our children see the world in a unique and wonderful way. Doctors and therapists often focus on negatives, such as focusing on language delays and difficulty communicating with the eye, but they will rarely show how much an autistic child is academically gifted.
They will not tell you that your child who can not say hello to the grocery store and it is difficult for him to do so, this child can collect the account faster than the computer. Many of the most famous in history believe they were autistic, but that does not mean that all children with autism will be raised in mathematics. But all children with autism have unique talents, like all people in general
Dear mother, try not to focus on the negatives that can come with autism. Keep dreaming about who your child might become in the future.
Autism diagnosis will not tell you what your child will be in the future.
Think about your actions and what you say about your child Learning about your child's diagnosis of autism is a huge area.
It strikes many parents as tons of stones. But please be aware of your feelings. It can affect your child. Doctors, therapists, and even close family friends at this time can focus on how you deal with diagnosis, how to begin treatment, and how they can help adapt to this new life. One thing to keep in mind is that you are not really the person receiving the diagnosis, it's your child. Often communities with special needs focus too much on being the father of a child with special needs. Unfortunately, this can put us at odds with adults with the same disabilities as our children. 
When we say things like, "I love my baby, but I'm not love of autism," so you're conveying to the child that you're having problems because of his nature and his disability. It's okay to feel sad about diagnosing your child, but when you're next to him try to focus on positive.
This helps explain how to help it better. Mother, I know how frustrating you are after your child's diagnosis, especially since this is just the beginning. But please know that you are now surrounded by an amazing community of special needs, and we are all ready to support you for how to calm down an autistic child.
 You will feel like you are on the verge of collapse. We all have the same feeling, and we're still on the way to overcoming it.
Just know that your child is the same as your child the night before diagnosis. It's tough, you're only confident in the midst of a fantastic adventure. If you are looking for a group that will help you understand your child and contain him with other parents who have the same problem and are defending their children's rights, you completely in the right place.
I do not promise that I know all the answers (or even half of them) but I promise to be with you. Together we can achieve what we want. You will find me here fully celebrating your success, supporting all the people in difficult time even we success together on autisim and we move our children to a more wonderful life.

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