Applied Behavior Analysis

Applied Behavior Analysis

Applied Behavior Analysis
Applied Behavior Analysis
The ABA therapy can be applied to all children, even if they have a behavioral disorder or problems of communication with the outside world, for example, and not limited to the child of autism.
We will not address the definition of autism disorder in detail and summarize it as a deficiency or developmental disorder, that is, it is late for peers at the same age, that is, the age of mental less than the age of time.
This affects the child negatively, his integration into the environment is reduced and isolated from the environment and his acquisition of skills is less than that of another child of his age.
Let us first agree that the normal child does not have to have external factors to gain skills. he has an innate experience that makes him interact with the environment and acquire skills around him.
The autistic child needs a unique intervention, not any method but an integrated approach, understand through child at any stage?
And what should we do towards it?
And what are the possibilities of this child, which is provided by Applied behavior analysis "ABA"
Let us first ask:
What do we want to know about age of time and mental age?
As mentioned above, this difference causes a defect in the child. Therefore, we are intervening in a therapeutic plan to raise his mental age in proportion to his age for the best possible result, that is, to reduce the difference between delay in the mental age and the age of time of this child
Applied Behavior Analysis
Applied Behavior Analysis
Many of the methods have been tried on autistic children, many of them have succeeded, but! We do not seek a successful way to include all the children of autism, but it should be the most appropriate method for this child.
It is important that there be an effective result, that is, it has been able to change the child's autism and correct it, that is, it ensures continuity and inclusiveness that suits all the environments in which the child lives.
What is needed is a training program that makes the child self-reliant and independent and has the ability to integrate into the community so that we can get the best training method for our autistic child.
"You must be sure that each child has an intuition in which we can develop his skill and modify these behavioral disorders as appropriate "
We have to be careful to choose the specialist who will train our child and have the experience to be able to find the most appropriate style for our autistic child, so we must keep in mind that we have enough patience and read a lot about the latest training methods and must agree that each child Autistic is a special case that has a suitable training style
We can not apply the same program to every child. Yes, we apply the approach and methods, but the goals are different, until finally we apply to a child who is not applied to another child who is close to diagnosis.
Let us agree that the correct assessment of the child's condition should be the most suitable for the child and the closest to his or her condition, and this is the responsibility of the specialist who sees our autistic child.

The earlier this assessment was the better results, because each day the child of autism needs our care and awareness of what he is suffering
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False Concepts of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)

  • We do not aim to suppress the child
  • We do not reject him and put him under the microscope
  • We do not restrict his freedom without attention to what he feels
  • We do not deny his existence in life just because he is different
  • We do not turn it into automatic to fulfill our desires

Let's give a simple example:
If we go as a family to a restaurant and this child has a riot, we mean here our normal child, what will be our reaction or the reaction of others?
It will certainly be normal because he who has already done so is a child, but if our child is a child who is autistic and does so, we will have a fit of anger and despair and the reason we put this child under the microscope.

Goals We Must Reach with Autistic Children Through Applied Behavior Analysis ABA

Take into account his feelings and try to understand his motives
Faith in the child and what we can reach
Employment of what is done in the right way is acceptable
Which we find a way of life that preserves its humanity and makes its behavior socially acceptable and depends on itself capable of integrating into the environment around it ..

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