Asperger syndrome characteristics and symptoms in adults

Asperger syndrome characteristics and symptoms in adults

Asperger syndrome  characteristics and symptoms in adults
Asperger syndrome characteristics and symptoms in adults

Adults with Asperger syndrome retain certain characteristics such as anxiety and lack of social skills. They look at these characteristics as socially anxious and have no interests with others.
Their lives are very simple and they do not know anything about Asperger syndrome.
When one of their children is diagnosed, they begin to look at themselves, They have the same basic characteristics and may have been seen in their smallness as being conservative and have been accommodated in the stage of childhood and have now distinguished positions in the academic, scientific and technological circles.
For adults, extreme anger may be diagnosed as bipolar disorder or a personal disorder and we must know that the syndrome Asperger syndrome is a continuum from moderate to severe in terms of severe symptoms and includes a wide range of behaviors that will explain adult thinking patterns.

Work place:
Asperger syndrome characteristics and symptoms in adults Work place
Asperger syndrome characteristics and symptoms in adults Work place

For most adults, their jobs are an extension of them and the loss of this work is the loss of their lives, some of the most famous players around the world and the most productive in their business.
And some of them have their own projects and night shifts.
There is also a joke that the NASA agency is an institution of autism for adults, and computer engineers prefer to sit alone for long hours and perhaps days to think about writing their program. The adults with Asperger syndrome do not prefer diplomatic work because they have difficulty in tact and patience to work.
He has an unexpected reaction and prefer slipping and isolation in a single office.
He can also be trained on some of the social skills required by work, since they have difficulty in understanding the dynamics of personality and prefer to have control over their work and not to

engage in lunch time:
Asperger syndrome characteristics and symptoms in adults engage in lunch time
Asperger syndrome characteristics and symptoms in adults engage in lunch time

For the others, something strange and perhaps those characterized by excessive passivity.
Therefore, they are exposed to the harsh treatment of their colleagues and may respond to this by bullying and extreme violence.
Also, the misunderstanding of others in the work indicates a lack of social skills.
As we observe, people with Asperger syndrome are avoided to reprimand and blame them, as they suffer from the difficulty of distinguishing between friendship and friendly behavior among colleagues If someone said to him, good morning, he does not think it is a normal greeting, but he regards it as a greeting from a friend, as they are better at expressing their feelings in writing than speaking verbally and as a result of excessive sensitivity the person may wear a hat, earplugs or even sunglasses.
Its light bulbs Filorost directly leads to distracted affecting his concentration at work.
Asperger syndrome in middle age Asperger syndrome
May appear in middle age in some people, which may occur in this period of age as a result of pumping high levels of adrenaline as a result of exposure to long periods of anxiety and we have observed that people who are very anxious with a healthy diet does not contain a high percentage Of sugar and practiced some exercises such as yoga, this will avoid the secretion of adrenal glands to high levels of adrenaline.

 Asperger syndrome characteristics and symptoms in adults Friendships
 Asperger syndrome characteristics and symptoms in adults Friendships

As we have known before that Asperger syndrome patients have very few friendships, especially in adults and even when the search for marriage we also find very few friendships and especially in men and even if someone tried to speak kindly with one of the injured, he does not respond to these attempts and away from the subject in any way There are those who try to control it, and some people with Asperger syndrome say that they have friendship with one person and not to go out to the market or talk for long periods or to go to the cinema, but only simple sessions sit for lunch or to eat a cup of tea every two months and they give up Formal actions such as gifts and Christmas cards and friends may be made between someone with Asperger syndrome and another person suffering from obsessive compulsive or depression where they share some characteristics. As for people with Asperger syndrome, we notice their anxiety when invited to a business dinner or attend a movie and if they watch a musical drama they They do not know why they laugh and do not understand any conversation with a joke that might take seriously and not joke.
 Asperger syndrome characteristics and symptoms in adults Marriage
 Asperger syndrome characteristics and symptoms in adults Marriage

When two people are married, both have Asperger syndrome
Their lives are amazing, their lives are very simple. the couple are very spontaneous, speak straight, work very hard, and attend church lessons regularly.
If one of the couples is infected, we will find some problems because they have a very sensitive touch or smell. The husband may have a decrease in sexual desire and tend to sit for long periods without talking to the other and notice that they do not need many things for themselves but are simple and do not look at the problems of others But psychology did not explain this as a characteristic of selfishness and because they respond if asked to help in some simple things and some of them have the obsessive compulsions to buy expensive items such as jewelry and note that the owners of Asperger syndrome of married suffer from the so-called problems of change,
Do not understand the changes and shifts in the marriage. In the first stage is characterized by many talk about telephones and trips to do business.
At this time the injured husband may be turned around as his wife is chasing him and perhaps after long discussions trying to understand it, as happens a lot of misunderstanding, which may become a big problem between them because of the lack of understanding of the injured person the other's passion and this raises his anger and it becomes like a conflict between them.
The infected person has characteristics of personality disorders, general anxiety, depression and emotional imbalance. Parents may intervene to solve problems between the parties and try to attract adaptation and understanding of each other.
Fatherhood and Motherhood:
 Asperger syndrome characteristics and symptoms in adults Fatherhood and Motherhood
 Asperger syndrome characteristics and symptoms in adults Fatherhood and Motherhood

As in the case of any parents may be excellent in raising their children or vice versa, we find that parents are interested in the stage of childhood for their children with appropriate food items that help them to improve brain functions and try to integrate them in some activities such as music or practice sports If parents with Asperger syndrome try Dealing effectively with constant anxiety and coping with the excess sensitivity they feel. As they try to get out with the child in the parks and give the child more love than most of the healthy and if the parents feel a strong sense of the embrace of the child, they avoid it and even avoid the plump on the shoulder of the child is not alienated them but not for physical comfort.

The Family:

When we talk about a group of senior people with Asperger syndrome, we are talking about the family, which is a very painful subject. When an adult is socially isolated from others, this causes embarrassment to the parents. Siblings or parents themselves may ignore their child with Asperger syndrome, which sometimes afflicts the child with resentment and depression.
We note that if the siblings with Asperger's syndrome communicate well in the childhood phase, this will lead to significant improvement and adjustment in the adolescent phase.

The last generation of adults Over:
 Asperger syndrome characteristics and symptoms in adults The last generation of adults Over
 Asperger syndrome characteristics and symptoms in adults The last generation of adults Over

The past 20 years, we have found a generation of adults who have reached the age of 30 and are still living with their parents at home because they can not live in their workplaces or private places in schools. Parents may be blamed for not preparing them to interact with others and the community, but not the fault of parents, educators or special education teachers, but because it is very difficult to prepare these children to co-exist with others completely and if this is not done in the stage of childhood it will be very difficult in The stage of puberty and worse than that they become characterized as adults and if a person does not interact well with the community may be diagnosed as having a paranoia.

Asperger syndrome and crime:
 Asperger syndrome adults and crime
 Asperger syndrome adults and crime

In the past few years, the media has focused heavily on crimes committed by people with Asperger syndrome. Many studies have been trying to find a link between crime and people with Asperger syndrome, including the Welch study (2006), which investigated the behavior of about one million infected criminals but found no A relationship between them.
In many cases people with Asperger syndrome are victims of crimes such as hacking the computer and their inability to communicate and explain the crime with the police.They become clearly accused.
It is possible to say that I did not know and can not defend himself as an adult.

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