Important definitions for the therapy of applied behavior analysis

Important definitions for the therapy of applied behavior analysis

Important definitions for the therapy of applied behavior analysis
Important definitions for the therapy of applied behavior analysis

Developmental Disorder(DD):

1- non physical and non measurable :
Is the limitations and problems experienced by the child in terms of cognitive (concentration - memory of all kinds - perception)
2- physical, measurable and comparable :
Everything related to the body from the physical aspects

What is the behavior?
A genetic or acquired interaction between the organism and the environment results in a range of responses from the organism versus a set of environmental stimuli.

Behavior  "Functionally" :
Behavior is functional
For example, a child has a grade (A) in the test (due to behavior)
Study, go to school, do homework, read lessons (same behavior)
We must distinguish between the same behavior and between  its results
< It can be observed and measured >
Sensations, emotions and inner feelings are behavor but can be not measured
For example, it is difficult to know if the student focuses internally in the lesson, but it is easy to see if his visual focus is present or not
Means that the behavior is repeated and can be measured by the number of times it occurs

What is behavior modification?

A branch of applied psychology involves the systematic application of procedures related to the learning process in order to change, influence and control the circumstances surrounding the behavior, and then influence the same behavior

 Applied behavioral science:

A set of abstract principles developed by psychologists help in the process of changing human behavior (enhancers, disappearance of gradual enhancers , modulation, indoctrination)

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA):

The methods and means we use for scientific application of these abstract principles (methods followed for the use of enhancers and their disappearance or methods and practical means used to form behavior and indoctrination)

Applied Behavior Analysis ABA
A: APPLIED  The target behavior change it important and impact behavior
B: BEHAVIOR Behavior is observable and measured
A: ANALYSIS Measuring and monitoring the application of treatment plan 

Targeted and troubled behavior:
  • Learned behavior in the same way as normal behavior and subject to the same laws "Reinforcement increases and punishment reducesً 
  • Unacceptable
  • Disturbed behavior
  • To be evaluated and  make a treatment plan to change it and influence the way it occurs in order to Appear properly acceptable
  • Occurs because of the surrounding stimuli and often achieves its results "self-promotion or avoidance of punishment"

 Alternative behavior:
The behavior that a child can do if he does not do the targeted behavior
It is not random behavior but is based on the information collected.
Condition it

  • Logical behavior to be done
  • Applicable to surrounding environment
  • The child is able to do

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